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Consultancy service

We offer assistance in finding the right typeface for your project. No matter if you need a typeface for setting newspapers, magazines, a book or a simple invitation card, we will advise you on which typeface you should use and where you can legally obtain it.

Choice of the right typeface

We will help you to choose the proper typeface for your commission. We keep track of the offer of all important type designers and distributors. We can find suitable typefaces for typesetting newspapers, textbooks, dictionaries or encyclopedias. We can also help with identifying an unknown typeface or with finding a local distributor for foreign-made typefaces.

Typesetting of foreign languages

We offer advice on where you can find information on typesetting of foreign languages, including the oriental and exotic ones. We will provide advisory on the typesetting of texts in European languages, respecting the typesetting rules of a certain region. We will find fonts including Latin, Greek and Cyrillic script. We will assist in typesetting of Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Persian.

Consulting typeface designs

For typeface designers — individuals and companies —, we offer advisory service on their designs, no matter whether we are dealing with complete font families, or perhaps just diacritics. We will provide a thorough analysis of the typeface, we will point out the possible flaws, and we will recommend a solution for the problems found.