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Good kerning is an indisputable part of well designed digital font. Proper, high-quality kerning must contain accented characters. We offer solutions which will ease the production of kerning pairs for accented characters.

Plain kerning of accented characters

We will extend the basic kerning pair set by accented characters. To avoid the production of redundant kerning pairs, we generate only the pairs which exist in one given language. For example, if we take the pair T-a, we come to the pairs Ť-a, T-á, Ť-á etc, since these exist in a particular language, in this case Czech and Slovak. However, the generated set will not contain pairs such as Ť-ą or Ť-ă, since these combine characters from different languages, which cannot appear next to each other in any one existing word. When creating the individual kerning pairs, we also solve some special cases manually, such as Ľ-T or ď-k.


Class-based kerning

In extensive fonts which support multiple languages and include small caps, alternating glyphs etc, it is better to use class-based kerning. This generates classes of characters with the same kerning. Thus, class a contains accented characters ă, ā, ă, ą, à, á, ã, ä, â, å. We offer the conversion of standard kerning into class-based kerning, with the option of automatic generating of accented characters. Class-based kerning works only in OpenType and TrueType fonts, and it has certain constraints.