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We offer a solution to your problems with computer typefaces. Our services are aimed mainly at graphic designers, typographers, graphic design studios, or advertisement companies.


Localization modifies the font by way of complementing missing symbols necessary for typesetting of a certain language. In our case, this mainly means supplying a font designed for setting Western European languages with the characters needed for typesetting the languages of Eastern Europe, that is, Czech, Slovak, etc. More on localization...

Repairs and corrections

Some older fonts may contain various errors, causing problems in more recent versions of operation systems or applications. Font repair will enable you to use older fonts even in the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite without trouble. More on repairs...


Sometimes you need to use a certain font designed for the Macintosh platform on an MS Windows PC, or vice versa. In such case, it is necessary to convert the font. It is possible to convert fonts not only between the two mentioned platforms, but also between different formats (TrueType, PS Type 1, OpenType). More on conversion...