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Localization of fonts

Localization modifies the font by way of complementing missing symbols necessary for typesetting of a certain language. In our case, this mainly means supplying a font designed for setting of Western European languages with the characters needed for typesetting the languages of Eastern Europe, that is, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, etc.

Why localization

Unfortunately, the vast majority of electronic typefaces does not contain the characters necessary for typesetting of Czech. If you want to use such typeface, it is necessary to add the missing symbols to the font. All modifications of fonts are carried out using professional applications FontLab and TransType. The results are tested in all common graphic and office applications.

Standardní a rozšířená sada latinkových znaků

Supported languages

As a standard, we add characters necessary for typesetting of the listed languages, utilizing the Latin script. Font localized by us will contain all the glyphs necessary for typesetting Albanian, Basque, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Dutch, Croatian, Gaelic, Hungarian, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Occitan, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Serbian, Upper and Lower Sorbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Valonese.

If necessary, our localized fonts may support also the following languages: Esperanto, Faroese, Greenlandic, Icelandic, Catalan, Maltese, Vietnamese, Welsh…

Typographic conventions and the quality of the localization

When creating the accents, we respect all the traditional typographic conventions. The accents must harmonize with the typeface. We base our work on extensive research, on contact with typographers from around the world, and on available literature. We share our experience of correct diacritics design on the web site of the Diacritics project.

All fonts localized by us include kerning of the new characters, including difficult characters such as ď, ť, ľ, and đ.

Further information

We supply the localized font either in OpenType, TrueType, or PS Type 1, either for the Macintosh or MS Windows platform. We fully support the Unicode standard, and this is why our fonts work flawlessly both in older applications and in the latest versions of Adobe Creative Cloud, Affinity suite and of course QuarkXPress.