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Font conversion

Sometimes you need to use a certain font designed for the Macintosh platform on an MS Windows PC, or vice versa. In such case, it is necessary to convert the font. It is possible to convert fonts not only between the two mentioned platforms, but also between different formats (TrueType, PS Type 1, OpenType).

Which format to choose? Depends on the application

A universal format does not exist. Recent operating systems and graphic applications support the Unicode format, with only a few sad exceptions. Choose a font format which will function in the applications you use the most. If you are using Adobe Creative Suite, the choice is clear - OpenType. If your favorite application is QuarkXPress (up to 6.5) then you should choose PS Type 1. For working in MS Office, the ideal choice is TrueType.

 Application Version Platform Format
 QuarkXPress up to 6.5 Mac + Win PS Type 1
 QuarkXPress 7, 8 Mac + Win OpenType
 Microsoft Office 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 Win 2000, XP OpenType TT
 Microsoft Office 95, 97, 98, 2000 Win 95/98/ Me TrueType
 Microsoft Office 2004 Mac OS X OpenType TT
 Adobe CreativeSuite 1, 2, 3, 4 Mac + Win OpenType
 Adobe Illustrator 1—10 Mac + Win PS Type 1
 CorelDraw 12 Win XP OpenType

Apple Macintosh formats

For the Mac OS X users, we recommend the OpenType format, which will function reliably in most recent applications. If you need compatibility with the Classic interface, especially if you need to work in QuarkXPress 3–6.5, then we recommend PS Type 1. This format will work also in Mac OS 8–9. In may also use TrueType on Macintosh.

MS Windows formats

To the users of Windows XP, we recommend the OpenType format, which works flawlessly in most recent applications. If the font will be used primarily in office applications, you may want to use the popular TrueType format. Especially for older applications not supporting the Unicode standard (such as QuarkXPress up to 6.5), we recommend the use of PS Type 1 format.