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Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions.

I need a font... could you send or sell it to me?

We are sorry, but we do not distribute fonts. However, we may recommend Czech and foreign font distributors, who will be glad to sell you the required font. You may find a list of font distributors at, for example

In new application, the font does not display Central European glyphs. How do I repair it?

The font has wrongly labelled characters. We may repair it for you — you may find the details in the section Font repairs.

The font displays accented glyphs, but some characters are missing. What shall I do?

Most fonts contain the diacritics necessary for typesetting of Western European languages. This is why they contain not only characters with an acute, but sometimes even š and ž. However, the font does not contain some special accented characters, such as ů, č or ą. The font has to be localised — for more info, see the section Localization of fonts.

OpenType fonts don't work in Quark and some applications. What to do?

Unfortunately, QuarkXPress can only use 256 characters of each font. OpenType fonts may contain tens of thousands of characters, and the specific accented characters aren’t usually in the first 256 characters of the font. This is the reason why the OpenType fonts cannot yet be used in this applications. The programme WGL Assistant. The current version of QuarkXPress fully supports the OpenType format.

Can I repair or adjust the fonts myself?

Yes, you can. Ideal solution would be to use the programme TypeTool, which is a simplified version of professional type editor FontLab; the application costs 99 USD. You may try out the demo version for both Mac OS X and MS Windows. However, you should note that to repair or correct a font so that it would function flawlessly is a demanding task which requires deep typographic and technological skills. This is why we cannot recommend that you try to repair fonts on your own.

I am using Fontographer and I would like to localise a font for Central European languages. Is Fontographer a good choice for that?

We do not recommend the Fontographer application for localizing fonts, since it has only minimum support for Central European languages. The fonts generated by this application probably won't function in certain applications. We recommend TypeTool or FontLab.